Written and directed by Lisa D’Amour, Nita & Zita features Katie Pearl and Kathy Randels. With an original score by New Orleans jazz pianist Tom McDermott and DJ mixes by Greg Wildes, set design and assemblage by Shawn Hall, costumes by Olivia Wildz, and video by Maria Cataldo.
New Orleans: January 5-16, 2005
Minneapolis: January 20-23, 2005
New York: January 27-Feb 6, 2005

Amherst: July 15-17, 2005
Providence: July 31, 2005
Nita & Zita wins 2003 OBIE award!

ArtSpot Productions is pleased to announce the return of Nita & Zita, an intimate extravaganza about two visionary showgirls. Part ghostly docudrama, part showgirl spectacular, Nita & Zita  begins in 1920 and takes audiences on an up-to the-minute ride through the lives of these eclectic, elusive sisters.